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How Lady Gaga get Her name, and what does Gaga really mean?

How Stefani became Lady Gaga?
Before Lady Gaga was Lady Gaga, She used Her real first name Stefani as Her artistic name. The story behind the name Lady Gaga was following: Stefanis then producer and boyfriend Robert "Rob" Fusari started to sung the song Radio Ga Ga by British rock band Queen every day when Stefani entered the recording studio. That was his incoming fanfare for Her. One day in 2004 Fusari wrote "Radio Ga Ga" in a text massage, but his cellphone autocorrected the words to "lady gaga". Fusari texted Stefani and told that he just invented a suitable stage name for Her, and Stefani was very excited. She loved the name, because She had always admired Queen and the name was exactly suitable for Her imago, a little bit funny and crazy, also memorable and simply beautiful. She fell in love with that name so much, that She instantly said that She would never answer to Stefani again. She was 19 of age at that time.

What is the origin of "Gaga"?
Lady Gaga wouldn't probably be Gaga without the Queen song Radio Ga Ga. That song was written by Roger Taylor, the bands drummer. Taylor originally planned to name the song "Radio caca", but fortunately didn't. "Caca" first came to his mind, because his baby son once said something like that. He thought "Radio caca", because he wrote the song to be a commentary against television overtaking radios popularity, and caca would have been suited for this purpose, since Latin verb cacare means "to defecate". But he ended up with the name Radio Ga Ga. Because of that character appearance, Lady Gagas name was at first written "Lady GaGa", but later the second upper case "G" has been changed to lower case. Sometimes "GaGa" still can be seen, especially in non-professional and fake products.

What meanings the word "gaga" has?
In English "gaga" is an old informal word which could mean crazy, infatuated or senile.
In Turkish "gaga" means beak.
In Russian "gága" (гага) means eider (a bird species)
In Hebrew "gaga" (געגע) is a verb meaning to long, to yearn
In the Native american language of the people know as Ho-Chunk (or Winnebago), "gaga" means grandmother.
In Javanese "gaga" means rice.
In Ayatal (a language in Taiwan) "gaga" means "love towars humanity, fellow people and environment".

Why is the name Lady Gaga so good?
Lady Gaga is a perfect name for Lady Gaga! "Gaga", or "ga-ga" are the first words a baby can create when trying to talk. Gaga also means crazy, like when someone is intensely enthusiastic on something, he/she is gaga on it. That works fine with Lady Gagas crazy enthusiastic imago. Gaga-word is also close to go-go, a not-so-sophisticated dancing style Stefani used to do before becoming famous. And Gaga is also similar to "Dada", of neo-classical Dadaism art faction, which Lady Gaga likes very much, with its avant-garde style.
"Lady" is a female equivalent title of "Sir" (in two highest ranks, other female titles are "Dame"), which is granted to knights, by royalties of the worlds monarchies, best known example being the Queen of United Kingdom. And in british monarchy, when someone is knighted, the sir or lady title is used with first name, so Lady Gagas first name would be Gaga, if She would be granted with damehood.
"Lady Gaga" is a lovely, soft sounding word couple, that fits perfectly together giving a little crazy, bizarre and lovable image of the artist. Both the words also have four letters, which makes them very easy to stylish to fine looking logos and other graphically designed things.

Lady Gagas symbol animal?
Gagata gagata, a catfish from Gagata family. Lives in Indian rivers.

Lady Gagas symbol plant?
Carex gagaensis, a species of sedges (family Cyperaceae). Lives probably in Australia. The name is actually incorrect, since it's a synonym for Carex jacksonii.

Lady Gagas symbol mineral/jewel?
Jet is a minor gemstone, shiny and black. In many different languages its name is similar to Gaga.
Czech: Gagát
Esperanto: Gagato
Finnish: Gagaatti
German: Gagat
Polish: Gagat
Russian: Gagat (Гагат)
Lady Gagas symbol chemical element?
Gallium, which symbol is Ga. Two parts of gallium is GaGa. Gallium is a silver-white metal which melts in handwarm temperature.

Lady Gagas symbol geographic region?
Gaga. In south coast of Madagascar.
Gaga Island. In coast of Mozambique.
Gaga, Madagascar:
Gaga Island:
Gaga. In Indonesia, near Jakarta.
Gaga, Indonesia:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1311&bih=646&wrapid=tlif130989568596010&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=il

Lady Gagas symbol language?
Gaga. A dialect of the Franco-Provençal language spoken in the region around Saint-Étienne, France.
Title page of a Franco-Provençal dictionary from Saint-Étienne, France (1896): "The Key to the Gaga Dialect":

Lady Gagas symbol video game character?
Gaga. A male non-player character in Korean 2D side-scrolling massively multiplayer online role-playing game "MapleStory". He is located in Ellinia, Lith Harbore, Henesys and other towns if you want to find him in the game.

Lady Gagas symbol food?
GaGa, ice cream or dessert of some kind:

Lady Gagas symbol dance?
Gaga. A dancing technique created by Ohad Naharin, an Israeli artistic diretor of Tel Avivi dance school.

Lady Gagas symbol sport?
Ga-ga (געגע). An Israelic form of dodgeball played in octagonal pit.

Lady Gagas symbol god?
Gaga. Ancient Babylonian minor deity featured in the Enûma Eliš. She is sent by Anshar to the forces of Tiamat with the formal announcement of Marduk's readiness to battle Tiamat.

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